How I work for you

Let's begin with you telling me why you want the ad, brochure, commercial or website and what you want to achieve. The more you tell me at the outset, the fewer revisions and other hassles there will be.

When you brief me, Iíll ask you plenty of questions so Iím sure I know exactly what you expect me to produce, who itís talking to and why.

You can call on me for as much or as little input as you require - ranging from concept development to final copy, as well as other bits and pieces like editing and polishing existing material, providing matching press releases, etc.

Youíll also find I donít just send off the copy and run. Iíll do minor tweaks free (as long as the request is within three days of receiving the work and the brief hasnít changed).

And to really make sure everyoneís happy, Iíll include one free rewrite on the same basis. The reason Iím so ready with these freebies is that, between my experience and my strike rate, hassles seldom arise. It also allows for a bit of a learning curve when first working for a new client.

My turnaround is fast and my charges are low, facts that have helped me stay in business all this time.

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Copywriting: ads, brochures, trade support, sales promotion Scriptwriting: writing and producing Plain English writing and editing Press release writing and editing
Magazine and newsletter writing and sub-editing Website writing and flow design Research Jingles and songwriting